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80-year-old Georgia was suffering from back pain for many years. She also has many severe medical conditions including heart failure and kidney failure. She is on dialysis.

Her MRI revealed disc degeneration, disc bulges, severe facet joint arthritis, and spinal stenosis.

She tried numerous tre...

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Honored to be invited as faculty at the Stem Cell Science course in the St.George's, University of London. Talked about how minimally invasive Intra-Discal Bone Marrow Stem Cell therapy can dramatically reduce Spinal Fusion Surgeries. Also spoke about using Sub-Chondral bone marrow Stem Cell proc...

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Stem Cell is the new buzz word.

However, most patients do not know enough about it. Unfortunately, most doctors are not knowledgeable enough to educate their patients.

Along with legitimate Stem Cell clinics, there are also a lot of "Scam" Stem Cell clinics. In fact, fraudulent Stem Cell clin...

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Those running these fraudulent Stem Cell clinics and taking advantage of vulnerable patients should be in jail. Glad it made the news. Sadly, nothing will change!!

If you are looking for a Stem Cell clinic to treat spine or joint pain, as patients, the onus is on you to identify the "scam" stem ...

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Carol has been suffering from back pain for 30 years.
Her MRI revealed disc degeneration, facet arthritis and nerve involvement.
Like most patients with chronic back pain she had seen multiple doctors including a spine surgeon. Carol had various treatments like opioids, physical therapy, chiropra...

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I want to emphasize that this article is about stem cell treatments for back pain and joint pain. There is a lot of confusion regarding stem cell therapy among both patients and physicians. Hope this blog would bring some clarity. The questions that will be addressed are

Is Stem cell therapy for...

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Glenn had stem cell therapy for back pain in Cincinnati and now is pain-free. He was taking a pain medication dose which is equal to about 60 Percocet pills a day. After stem cell therapy, he is not taking a single pill. Before stem cell therapy, in spite of being on a high dose of pain medicatio...

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From taking 60 Percocet a day to Zero. Can Stem Cells be Opioid sparing?
Glenn has been suffering from back pain for more than 15 yrs. All these years he has been taking an opioid dose which is equal to about 60 Percocet pills a day. Yes, 60 pills a day!!!

In spite of such a high dose, he was s...

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Tabitha got stem cell therapy to treat her low back pain at StemCures in Cincinnati. Her back pain is significantly better and her sciatic pain in the leg is gone.

She had her own bone marrow stem cells injected into her discs, facets, Sacroiliac joints and in the epidural space.

Patients can...

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2 weeks ago
I had my stem cell therapy and in less than a month, my pain level has diminished by 85% and my mobility is getting better everyday. I would do this therapy again in a heartbeat. My quality of life has greatly improved and I could not be happier with the service I received from Dr. Atluri and his marvelous staff. Just DO IT!!!
- Lee R
a week ago
"I had low back pain for 12 years, the pain level was constantly at a 10. I've had epidurals, nerve blocks, radio frequency's, I've tried pain medication, 3 attempts at the spinal cord simulator, 2 lumbar fusions, physical therapy, I've seen 4 pain management doctors and have had chiropractic treatment I received little to no relief. I came to see Dr. Atluri in June to discuss the stem cell procedure, I had the procedure in August now I am basically medication free. If anything I take maybe 1 low dose of pain meds a week. Three days post procedure the severe groin pain was completely gone and hasn't returned since. I can sleep again with out getting up several times a night, my social life has improved, and I actually am enjoying being able to get on the floor with the grandchildren. I would 100% recommend this procedure to other patients and I have. I have even strongly considered getting another stem cell procedure on my knee as well." I was told by my Chiropractor that he believe...
4 days ago
Had severe sciatic pain down leg in 2018. Had surgery in 2018, which only worked temporarily. Met Dr Atluri in who explained the benefits of using my own Stem Cells to treat my pain. Did the Stem Cell Therapy in Nov 2019. Within 2 weeks, I was totally pain free with ZERO pain. This is the first time in 2 years that I have been pain free. Needless to say - I am blown away by the results. I went from not being able to stand for more than 15 minutes, to having zero pain and being able to be active again. I would HIGHLY recommend meeting with Dr Atluri if you are in any pain at all.
- Craig B

Stem Cell Therapy. Back and Joint Pain

StemCures uses your Stem Cells and our Skills to treat your back pain and Joint Pain. Stem Cell Therapy to treat Back Pain and Joint Pain is the latest innovation. Many patients who failed drugs and surgery are finding relief with this therapy. It is the most natural way to treat your Back Pain and Joint Pain as we use your own Cells to treat your Pain. We use your own Bone Marrow Stem Cells which is allowed by the FDA. Dr.Atluri is a Stem Cell expert who is well published and is the Co-Author of the largest text book about Stem Cell Therapy and the treatment of Back Pain and Joint Pain. 

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We are a popular destination for stem cell therapy Cincinnati for low back pain and stem cell therapy in Cincinnati for lower back pain. 

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